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Astrology, a "forgotten" science

Modern times are pushing us so hard towards materialism and rationalism that we have nearly forgotten our more subtle capacities such as intuition or premonition. Luckily, in these hectic times, many people reconnect with these talents that are inherent to the human being and realize how important it is to use them.

Taught up to the 17th century in our universities as a science in itself, astrology has been put aside by rational thinking trends. Since then, it has been too often forgotten or criticized, vilified by charlatans or fantasists. Today, astrology is coming out of the esoteric status it was unjustly given, and many are rediscovering it, using it as a crucial tool to know the human being.

Born from the encounter of the Jung school of psychology and astrology, psycho-astrology is a very interesting way to approach the human being and to try to understand it as a personality dynamic. OME proposes psycho-astrology as a tool to open to oneself, to the others and to the world.

Psycho-astrology and openness

Get to know oneself, know and understand others. These are two big challenges in life that everyone faces in his/her own way. OME proposes the study of the astral theme as an opening tool.

Opening to oneself, to begin with. Understand and know oneself, know one’s own strengths to evolve in an optimal manner and know the obstacles that hamper this evolution, these are some of the essential elements that allow to open to oneself and fully use one’s potential while avoiding to chose ways where one’s energy would be wasted.

Beyond this deeper knowledge of oneself, it is also possible to open to others and better understand them. How does function the person with whom I relate with in a work, friendship or love relationship? What are the strong points of a relationship, whatever its nature, and what are its possible weaknesses? Which points do we have to take in consideration to optimize this relationship? To all these questions, psycho-astrology can help us find answers, in order to improve our relationship with others.

OME and Psycho-astrology

OME suggests you to use psycho-astrology in a variety of situations. One of the possibilities which is particularly close to our hearts is learning. The students who face precise difficulties can find in psycho-astrology a way to better use their capacities and improve their learning skills.

Here are the main examples of problems that can lead you to consult:

School and/or orientation

Social Life

Relational Life

Professional Life

Guidance and selection of studies

Understanding others

Common points in friendship, love ...

Professional choices

Assistance and remediation

Choice of activities and hobbies

What should I give priority to ?

Career/path reorientation

Methodology guidance

Choose one’s friends, one’s circles

Which are my priorities ?

Working method

Analysis of results

Conflict resolution

Couple projects

Partnership projects


The consultation in psycho-astrology lasts about one and a half hour. It is a real interaction, a dialogue between the psycho-astrologist and the person who consults him. The astral theme will of course be prepared and analyzed previously by the psycho-astrologist, and during the consultation, the sky map serves as a starting point. The consultation in psycho-astrology has the objective to try and lead the consultant towards a deeper knowledge of him/herself in order to feel better and take the best of his/her potentialities. The astral theme will take its full meaning during the dialogue between the astrologist and the consultant. The tendencies that emerge from an astral theme are completely different for everyone, even for two persons who would be born at the same place at the same time. There are tendencies, strengths and a dynamic that everyone shapes according to his/her own path in life: education, acquired knowledge, progress, choices etc… An infinite of possibilities in terms of free will. The biological diversity also plays its role.

The consultation is made orally, and no written document is handed over to the consultant apart from the sky map which is the basis to develop the astral theme. We encourage the consultant to record the session instead of taking notes. This will allow him/her to take better profit of the consultation.

In practice, how does it work?

There are two very simple things to do. You first have to send us your birth coordinates (date-hour-place). You can do that through our “sending info” page. Then you have to order and pay the type of service you wish. You can do this on our “astral shop”. All payments are made through Paypal, which also works with the most common credit cards. The process is secured.
As soon as we receive your order and payment, a date will be fixed by telephone. During this telephone conversation, you will have the possibility to precise the aims of the consultation and/or explain in further details the problems you would like to solve.


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