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Private courses at our place or yours.

Why private courses ?

As far as learning languages is concerned, private courses are often a major progress asset. The student's path is not hampered or blocked by the rythm of a group, nor conditioned by this group. The learning can better focus on the assets of the student and better take his/her weaknesses into account. This also avoids the shyness that some feel when practicing a new language in front of others, and the confidence to express oneself in this new language therefore develops more easily.

Opening to others and expertise

OME has developed a great expertise in private courses, which we see as an opening to others. This expertise is based on several years experience in "one to one" or "one to two" courses in different contexts, be they tutoring lessons for students who face problems or private courses to people who simply wish to learn a new language. Master several languages is another manner of opening oneself to others and of opening to the world.

Private courses for whom ?

Our private courses are meant for students (remediation and/or deepening, tutoring) and any other person wishing to learn a new language and progress quickly, whatever the starting level.

To learn a language is open to everyone, but can only take place in a context of self confidence. We endeavour to enhance this confidence and to develop every necessary competence: read, write, talk and listen. Thanks to our courses, many students get out of the "failure" mood and begin to believe in themselves. Everyone can make it.

"Thanks to languages, I open to the other, I open to the world"

Les cours particuliers de langues, une ouverture sur le monde


Thanks to languages, I open to the other,
 I open to the world...


Corporate courses, “one to one” or “one to two”.

For companies interested by our own approach to languages, we propose two formulas: "one to one", where a teacher teaches to one student, or "one to two", where a teacher teaches to two students.

Each method has its advantages and will be selected according to the context and the objective.

Conversation tables

From September 2012 onwards, OME will organize conversation tables in English and Dutch, but also in Spanish and Italian. Conversation tables allow to put one's linguistic skills in practice in a favourable environment, be it with the objective of refreshing somewhat rusty skills or to progress more quickly.

Tailor-made approach

Our courses are always based on the personal and unique situation of the student. Thanks to this tailor-made approach and our own experience, progress is quickly at hand and significant. The method is also adapted to the particular capacities of the learner: some have better oral skills, other need to go through written material. These peculiarities are respected to guarantee the best possible progress. .

Cours particuliers personnalisés - performance accrue

Quality courses
personalised to your level

Advanced tools and techniques

Thanks to the new technologies, and notably internet and multi media, the learning techniques have evolved. OME proposes to each of its students audio, phonetics and grammar exercises through internet. The work can therefore be as personalized as possible, and everyone can learn at his/her own rythm and at home, complementing the courses given by the teacher. These technologies are generally very much appreciated by our students.


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