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Project “Solidar’e-learn”

OME asbl finances the costs of hosting and maintening an inter-active platform for remote learning that we make available for several schools that benefit from positive discrimination in Brussels and its region. Thanks to this platform, many students have access to complementary training contents that allow them to improve their training and benefit from several opportunities for remediation.

What is “positive discrimination”?

It is an official set up aiming at giving more financial and human resources to schools in the Brussels-Wallonia Federation with a socio-economically vulnerable population. The objective of this set up is to enhance the chances of success of these students who face underprivileged socio-economic conditions.

What is the impact of our action?

Our action allows participating schools and teachers to extend their pedagogical tutoring activities out of school, since the tool is mainly internet. Thanks to the platform financed by OME, students can exercise themselves at their own rhythm, benefit from additional and/or enriched training contents and work their language skills, since we regularly put new language contents on line. Through this, we hope to contribute in our own way and according to our resources to the reduction of school failure.

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